Icon1 Introduction
Icon1.1 Version History
Icon2 Installing and Running Houdini
Icon2.1 Installing Houdini
Icon2.2 Running Houdini in a graphical chess environment
Icon2.3 Installation with Arena 3.5
Icon2.4 Installation with Fritz/ChessBase GUI
Icon2.5 Installation on Linux using Wine/Wine64
Icon2.6 Off-line Activation
Icon2.7 Some Frequently Asked Questions
Icon3 Houdini Configuration
Icon3.1 Hash Memory
Icon3.2 Persistent Hash
Icon3.3 Cores and Threads Management
Icon3.4 Game Play
Icon3.5 End Game Table Bases
Icon3.6 NUMA support (Houdini Pro)
Icon4 End Game Table Base support
Icon5 Houdini Pro version

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